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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deliver quality, innovative products for our customers, resulting in a legacy of profitability, productivity, and trust.
— Joe Boudreau

BioNovations is a Nova Scotia company specializing in domestic and international live seafood holding and transport technology. We support the growth of a global, sustainable live seafood industry through excellence in research, development, and production of seafood friendly transportation and storage environments for the entire live seafood supply chain.  The global seafood industry is one of the largest in the world but suffers from a lack of reliable infrastructure for transporting live seafood over long distances. BioNovations applies the principles of sustainability and efficiency to technologically advanced recycled seawater systems for use in short or long term storage solutions and non-aircraft, long distance transport of cold water shellfish species, such as the American lobster.

Seafood is a major part of the global food market as there are a large number of nutritional benefits that come from eating fresh, protein rich seafood. However, we are seeing a decrease in global fish stocks as a result of lack of conservation, pollution, global warming, high rates of bycatch, and illegal fishing activities, coupled with high rates of spoilage and mislabeled fish throughout the supply chain. As a result, dependence on aquaculture and fish farming is rapidly increasing to meet global seafood demands (now accounting for nearly half of the total world fishery production), so the importance of sustainability and traceability has never been greater. 

Our Live Seafood Transport Systems will allow for shipping of seafood over long distances and extended periods of time, both over land and sea. Both our transport trailers and ocean-faring containers minimize carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint than traditional methods such as air freight. Up until now live seafood holding and transport systems came with an inherently high mortality rate. Our systems are specifically designed to provide highly controllable environments and have significantly reduced mortality rates associated with long term storage and long haul transport. As a result, the cost of storing and shipping live seafood will be greatly reduced, thereby maximizing the use of the targeted species and increasing the payload.

BioNovations recognizes we are an integral part of our environment and understand we must pursue the most efficient and sustainable practices as the only way to move forward as a competitive business and as members of the global community. A well-managed system should protect the species which are held within as well as the natural environment around it. BioNovations innovative Traystor® Crate fills the gaps in infrastructure that currently exist within the industry to dramatically increase reliability, sustainability, and profitability throughout the live seafood supply chain.

BioNovations Inc. believes that a sustainable seafood industry is vital to the environment and a necessity for healthy future generations. Through our innovative technology and solutions, we remain at the forefront of technology in meeting the demands of the market and provide technology for research initiatives.

American Lobster (Homarus americanus)


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