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If you are inquiring about a quote for a system, you can speed up the process by providing the answers to as many of these questions as you can. This gives us a better idea of the environment the system will be operating in, as well as the environment we must create within the system to optimize the conditions for you and the live seafood being held.

1.       What is the name of species to be held live?  (Ex. American Lobster)
2.       What is the scientific/latin name of the species? (Ex. Homarus americanus)
3.       What are the dimensions of room where system will be located? (L x W x H)
4.       What are the dimensions of entrance to room? (L x W x H)
5.       What is the ambient temperature of room where system will be located? (min and max)
6.       What is the existing electrical supply? (Hz, Volts, Phase)
7.       What is the greatest volume of product you plan on holding live at any one time? (Ex. 2000 lbs)
8.       Will you require marine salt? 
9.       Will the product be purged/seasoned prior to being put in the system?
10.     Do you know the natural habitat temperature of your species? (temperature at harvest)

You may also email or call us to make an appointment. Our general response time is one business day.

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