Live Seafood Holding and Transport Systems


Live Seafood

Traystor® Live Seafood Transport Solutions

Fresh seafood is in high demand all around the world and the Traystor® Live Seafood Transport System (LSTS) is capable of providing this value-added product over long temporal and geographical distances. The LSTS and Traystor® Crate will allow for more live product to reach the market unharmed and will open up new markets where it was not possible to ship live seafood due to time or distance required for transport. The Traystor® LSTS is the only known system that allows large payloads of fresh live seafood to be transported around the world by road, rail, or sea, providing a cost effective alternative to air transport. The transport system operates on the same principles as the Traystor® Holding Systems except that the system is housed in an environmentally controlled multi-modal container or van trailer with a robust filtration system to maintain optimal water conditions. The Live Seafood Transport System is the world’s first fully automated, self-contained transport system for multiple species of live aquatic animals using a spray system that does not put the live animals in a tank of water.

road transport

Early prototypes of the van trailer successfully delivered several 25,000 lb payloads of North American Lobster from Halifax, Nova Scotia to West Palm Beach, Florida and Dallas, Texas, each with less than 1% mortality, making it superior to air freight. The transport systems are more than capable of sustaining the live seafood for several weeks as it is specifically designed to minimize stress. Independent laboratory testing has confirmed the system can maintain the health and freshness of live seafood for 30 days or more.

ocean transport

The BioNovations Live Seafood Transport System can be manufactured as 45’, 48’ or 53’ van trailers for transcontinental transport, or as standard sized 40’ or 45’ multi-modal containers for intercontinental shipping by transport truck, rail, or container ship. Unlike other systems, such as Vivier trucks, the live seafood in our LSTS is not immersed in large tanks of water during transport, but rather held in Traystor® Crates. We are currently finishing our final prototype for a 40' shipping container which will give access to any seafood market around the globe. 


The Traystor® Live Seafood Transport System is energy efficient and reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting seafood, as it is engineered with a large payload to low water ratio for cost-effective, safe transport. Shipping by rail has proven to be one of the most efficient and sustainable methods of transporting large goods. Previous inventions have failed to provide the seafood industry with a means to transport large quantities of live product over great distances. The development of the Traystor® LSTS will mitigate both the cost and mortality rates traditionally associated with shipping live product whether by road, rail, or sea.